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Antique dollhouse miniatures for sale

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Some Examples of Antique Dollhouse Furniture already sold by Belle Epoque Dolls.

Holy Water Vessel with Sprinkler - Soft Metal by Babette Schweizer Antique set of Prints in Gilded Frames Miniature Ormolu Frame by Erhard  Sohne Outstanding Antique Metal Console Mirror for Dollhouse Rare Dollhouse Vacuum Tube Radio Receiver with Ear Phones - By F.W. GERLACH French Colorful Painted Porcelain Vase - By Gabriel Fourmaintraux Very Small Porcelain Vase with Hand-painted Design Antique Dollhouse Vase with Square Base Miniature Dollhouse Bird in Blown Glass French Spun Glass Candle Holder for Dollhouse French Porcelain Flower-Holder from Desvres - By Gabriel Fourmaintraux Painted Porcelain Vase - By Gabriel Fourmaintraux Colorful Painted Porcelain Vase - By Gabriel Fourmaintraux Painted Porcelain Basket with Floral Decoration - By Gabriel FOURMAINTRAUX Pewter Stand Mirror by Babette Schweizer Antique 6-armed  Pewter Chandelier Antique Metal Cruet Set with its original Glass recipients Antique Miniature Gothic Mantel Clock under Blown Glass Dome French Spun Glass Basket and Pair of Candle Holders with Turquoise Base Porcelain Table Centerpiece Flowerbox Fine Pair of Tall Table Spun Glass Candlesticks with Blue Base Opera Glasses with Spanish Views Miniature Pewter Washing Decanter with Bowl for Dressing Table Antique French Tea Service of Desvres, signed GF - By Gabriel Fourmaintraux Extraordinary Ormolu Floor Oil Lamp - By Erhard  Söhne Metal Censer Boat and its Spoon Lovely leather handbag for Mignonette Antique Dollhouse Miniature Handbag Small Metal Hand Bag for your Mignonette with French Views Beautiful Metal Book Shaped Box with Rosary Metal Censer Boat and its Spoon French Metal Chalice for Miniature Altar French Newspaper for Your Fashion Doll - LA LIBRE PAROLE circa 1905 French Minuscule Book with Engravings  Fables Wonderful Antique Ormolu Wax Jack - By Erhard  Sohne Antique French Pharmacy for Dolls Antique Embossed Ormolu Bellows for your Doll Antique Dollhouse Blown Glass Decanter and Bowl with Floral Decor Antique French miniature Opaline Glass Coffee Set Antique Miniature Mesh Metal Purse in Small Size Antique Miniature Ormolu Wall Mirror by Erhard  Sohne Antique Miniature Carved Bone Bellow Antique Miniature Carpet for doll s house Rare Double-Tiered Pedestal Plant Stand French Miniature Book Paroissien des Petites Demoiselles with its Original Case Cover - Editor Firmin DIDOT Gold Painted Pewter Hanging Kerosene Lamp Sophisticated Tiny Tea Service for Mignonettes Antique Miniature Metal Wall Hanging Bookcase Antique Miniature Soft Metal Towel Rack with Original Towels Rare Antique Miniature Game pLa Bataillep in Original Wooden Box Rare  Gilded Metal Double Inkwell with Figural Bird Metal Watering Can with Dragon Handle Antique Dollhouse Metal Pedestal Plant Stand Antique Miniature  Metal Shelf Antique Miniature Metal Commode Chair and its Chamber Pot Very Small Dice Cup with Two Dice Metal Coffee Service Set in Wicker Basket for Fashion Dolls Antique Soft Metal Pram for your Mignonette Antique Metal Embossed Notebook with 1912 Calendar for your Fashion Doll Wonderful Antique Writing Set for Wax Seal - By Erhard  Söhne Dollhouse Wooden Horses with loosely jointed legs Extremely Rare Antique Miniature Nain Jaune Game in Original  Box Early Exceptional  Painted Wooden Eggs Service Set Antique Miniature Oval Ormolu Frame with Mirror Ormolu Champagne Bucket by Erhard  Sohne French China Wash Set Accessories - From Limoges - Small scale Antique Miniature Ormolu Wall Mirror - by Erhard  Sohne Rare set of Three Miniature Hanging Kerosene Wall Lamps with Glass Dome Pair of German Ormolu Frames with Original Lithographed Portraits - By Erhard and Sohne German Ormolu Mantel Clock with Porcelain Dial - Erhard  Sohne Antique French miniature Opaline Glass for Coffee Set