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of Dealers in Antiques and Collectibles.

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Who we are

Who we are - Belle Epoque Dolls - Member of SNCAO, the French Union of Dealers in Antiques and Collectibles.

Belle Epoque Dolls is the project of a Frenchwoman, fascinated by dolls and antiques.

The most exquisite dolls were created between 1850 and 1910, period starting in France with the reign of Napoleon III until the sumptuous Belle Epoque period. My wish is to put these lovely dolls in their original environment, in the magnificent interiors of these French houses reproduced in miniature by the craftsmen of the 19th century. This is a vast program, you think, and this is quite true ! I hope to make you dream and enjoy this harmonious small world which it would be a shame to forget.

Let us think of the work patiently carried out by the craftsman. By his concern of the detail, his technical mastery and his own sensitivity, he has given to the object his personality, his signature. This craftsman took time to create a so beautiful thing. But let us think also of these little girls who liked these dolls, loved them, made them alive, also sometimes broke them, and cried so much so that they are repaired. By respect for these actors of previous centuries, my lucky finds are proposed in as-discovered condition, with their authenticity. These traces of life constitutes the reality of these objects. This is very important for me.

You will find all items to sale in the categories of this Web site. Take time to discover them. You, who share the same passion, put them on the scene, so that other eyes discover them. So they live again and the story continues !