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All bisque and Special dolls Lilliputians Tiny Dollhouse Theater Sold  

Some Examples of Antique Miniature Dolls already sold by Belle Epoque Dolls

All Original Antique All-bisque French Mignonette with Baby and Pram Extraordinary Early Porcelain Fortune Telling Doll  as Milliners Model Doll Antique French All-Bisque Mignonette with Solid-Domed Head All-Bisque Lilliputian Girl with a wooden basket Lovely Pair of All-Bisque Asian Tiny Dolls Antique All-bisque Frozen Charlotte Doll dressed as Nun Glazed China Shoulder Head Fortune Teller Doll - Diseuse de Bonne Aventure Antique Early Grödnertal Wooden Tuck Comb Doll as French Fortune Teller Doll Early German China Doll with Articulated Leather Body Solid-domed All-bisque French Mignonette in Box French Solid-domed All-bisque Mignonette with Long Braids French All Bisque Mignonette with Bare Feet and Swivel Neck Antique French All Bisque Mignonette - The Chimney Sweeper Swaddling New Born All-Bisque Baby Girl in Moses Basket Antique Pair of All-Bisque Tiny Mignonettes - The Soldier and his Bride Antique French All-Bisque Bare Feet Mignonette in Mariner Costume Antique Grodnertal Theater Dolls with Polichinelle - for the French Market All-Bisque Frozen Charlotte Doll with Gold painted Boots Two Early All-Original Porcelain Dollhouse Dolls - The Mother and her Son Exceptional Early German China Head Lady Doll with Rare Sculpted Hair Chinese Tiny All-Bisque Boy Porcelain Fortune-Teller Doll for the French Market Early Grödnertal Tiny Shepherdess Doll in Original Costume All-Bisque Tiny Boy in Original Costume of Circuses Ringmaster Antique French All-Bisque Tiny Girl - The Ballerina Pair of All-Bisque Tiny Dolls by Carl Horn with Drum Pair of All-Bisque Tiny Dolls by Carl Horn with Original Baby Charming French Bisque Shoulder Head Fortune Teller Doll - Bonne Aventure Doll All-Bisque Tiny Boy  in Original Costume with nice Bonnet Antique All-Bisque Lilliputian Doll - The French Soldier Pair of Antique All-Bisque Lilliputian Dolls - Rare Fortune Tellers - Cartomancers Tiny German All-Bisque Doll  Marie Antoinette  in Original Costume - By Carl Horn All-Bisque Mignonette - The Bridegroom All-Bisque French Mignonette - The Boy in Sailor Costume Antique All-Bisque Tiny  Doll - Officer in Original Factory Costume with Sword French All- Bisque Mignonette with Cobalt Blue Eyes Pair of  Grodnertal Wooden Dolls Antique All-Bisque French Mignonette with Peach Stockings Pair of All Bisque Tiny Dolls - The Sailors Tiny All-Bisque Chimney Sweeper - By Carl Horn All-Bisque Dolls - Historical and Circus Figures Extraordinary Early Doll known as Milliners Model Doll with spectacular Headgear